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Course Offerings:

  • Compliance and Ethics
  • F&I Sales Workshop
  • Sales Consultant – Road to the Sale
  • Sales Consultant – Class Reunion
  • Professional Manager’s Seminar
  • Service Advisor – Road to the Sale
  • F&I Management
  • AFIP© Certification

The AFG Training Academy offers exciting and highly interactive training courses for every Automotive Dealership Employee. If you are looking for lecture hall training sessions for your employees, the AFG Training Academy is NOT for you!

All courses are delivered in a facilitative style with a high degree of Participant interaction here are our state of the art facilities or in field. Videos, Role Playing, Open Questioning and Final Exams are all part of the AFG Training Academy experience.

F&I Practitioner Recruiting Services

Few, if any, administrators assist the agent or the dealership with the solicitation and prequalifying of potential F&I personnel.

The AFG Companies understand the need for this service and provide nationwide F&I practitioner and manager recruiting for you – from seasoned veterans to recent, top college graduates.

We also offer additional assistance in establishing appropriate policies, interviewing and testing techniques, providing premium employee benefits, and advancement training – all geared towards selecting and retaining valued employees – an extremely important issue with any agency or dealership in today’s climate.

You can get a wealth of additional information on the Academy and its successes by clicking here or contact the Academy directly at (817) 552-4113 any time for schedules and more information.