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No other company can offer what we do!

Today more than ever, the performance of the Finance & Insurance Department is more critical than ever before to a dealership’s overall financial stability. CareGard Warranty services, understands the importance of balancing the need for ‘Compliant’ F&I income with customer satisfaction in order to create a mutually successful situation for all parties. We achieve this by providing our partners with competitive F&I products, advanced technology and training for every dealership employee. Every CareGard dealer is represented by an independent agent whose loyalty is with the dealer and not with an insurance company or administrator. Where most companies have to look to third parties to form reinsurance companies, adjudicate claims or provide other ancillary products, CareGard provides all products and adjudication, forms and manages reinsurance companies, and provides training to help keep on track with your business goals and compliance efforts.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  1. Guaranteed Rates
  2. All F&I products same claims department
  3. All F&I products same administrator
  4. All F&I products First Dollar insurance protection
  5. All F&I Product Reinsurable
  6. Advance technology with rating, eContracting, eSign, eCompliance and more.
  7. Best Claims Dept. in the industry with 24/7/365 claims adjudication
  8. Training for every level of dealer employee