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Stay in the know!  Almost every company in this industry is forced to outsource their reinsurance formation and P.O.R.C. management needs.  In fact, there are only a few people available who perform these duties for dealer companies here in the US.  Wait in line with the rest if  you may have formation or renewal questions.  Not so with CareGard!  Our Reinsurance department can answer every question you may have regarding your reinsurance company or retro.  Even better, you can talk directly to the head of the department if you need.  We provide monthly detailed reinsurance reports and a personalized summary overview with the head of CareGard’s Reinsurance Department annually.  This keeps you ‘in the know’ with regard to your company’s performance.  On top of all this, CareGard allows the ability to reinsure every CareGard product.  CareGard will also evaluate your non-CareGard P.O.R.C. and can help direct those looking for new management or methods to sell their companies. Have questions regarding reinsurance?  Contact us today.