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A premium package that includes important coverage to help keep your car looking new. Bundling your coverage’s makes them more affordable.

Coverage includes:

  • Protected by First Dollar insurance coverage
  • Tire and wheel
  • Windshield (where available)
  • Dent and Ding
  • Key
  • 24 Roadside assistance
  • MCM – My Certified Mechanic (Optional Surcharge)
  • $0 deductible
  • 3 Terms – 12, 36, 60 Months
  • 4 levels of vehicle class for best pricing

My Certified Mechanic helps give peace of mind by removing the unknown from the service department experience. MCM advisors can not only direct you to the right service department, but also provides you with expert advice for mechanical repairs for any registered vehicle in your household. Our ASE Certified Mechanics can assist you with a multitude of claim unknowns such as standard labor repair times, part pricing and additional industry advice to help keep the repair costs for any vehicle in your household to a minimum.

Fast response and excellent service are just two reasons why motorists rely on CareGARD’s Products for vehicle protection.

For more information or for a CareGARD representative near you please call 800-856-0990 and ask for the sales department.

See contract for coverage details.

CareGARD Claims Department is open 24/7.

Contact us at 888-565-2580 or via email at