About CareGard

Values You Can Trust

We’re serious about developing & maintaining long-term relationships that demonstrate our values. And you can expect us to deliver each one every day by every CareGard® team member.

Love Others (Respect/Don't Judge)

Be Intentional & On Purpose

Practice Faith Always

Serve Your Communities

Be A Light In The Marketplace

Balance Personal & Business Priorities

Put Customers Ahead of Yourself

Be Hard On The Problem & Soft On The Person

Bring Life, Lift Up & Support

Guard Against Potential Cultural Threats

Do What You Say You Will Do

Do The Right Thing

Be Fair, Open & Honest

Practice Grace & Forgiveness

Be 100% Aligned To CareGard's Vision, Mission & Values

Love What You Do & How You Do It

Be A High-Activity Self-Starter

Encourage Accountability Through Praise

Deliver Exceptional Quality

Have A "Whatever It Takes" Mentality

Be Passionately Engaged

Refuse To Be Ordinary

Celebrate Our Successes

Treat The Business As Your Own

Demonstrate Pride & Gratitude

Grow Your Versatility

Leverage The CareGard Team

Attract, Develop & Retain Top Talent

Promote & Steward Our Reputation

Seize Opportunities To Impact All Bottom-Lines

Always Be Listening, Looking & Learning

Build Lifelong Relationships

Inspire Innovation, Hope & Optimism

Relentlessly Pursue Improvements Big & Small

Tolerate Nothing Less Than The Best

Exceed Agreed To Expectations

Be Trustworthy & Dependable

Demonstrate A Problem-Solving Attitude

Give More Than You Receive

Create Wow Experiences