Building and maintaining an agency is no easy feat. But with CareGard®, we can guarantee the accomplishment will happen. By providing your agency with superior, first-dollar, insured F&I products, supported with best in class claims handling and administrative services, CareGard® will deliver the customer experience and peace of mind, every dealer expects.

What We Offer

Income Development

Successful Agents begin with Better Training and Better Processes. And with CareGard®, we will teach you how to build a more powerful and more sustainable value proposition.

Our experienced and proven team will provide and assist you and your Dealers with a single-source, “income development” solution supported with best-in-class training & over-site to encourage the best possible performance out of your Dealers – Sales and F&I Personnel.

From teaching the senior-most Sales and F&I Managers to the newly hired “green pea” salesperson, CareGard® will provide you with the leadership skills and functional techniques your Dealers need to deliver higher levels of Sales and F&I results.


CareGard® has been helping Dealers build long-term wealth with reinsurance participation since 1994.

With every product protected by “first dollar” coverage backed by an “A” rated insurer; your Dealer can reinsure all CareGard® products. And with total transparency, through Monthly Cession Statements and an Annual Performance Review, our in-house reinsurance experts will make sure your Dealer is fully maximizing their reinsurance position.  In addition, there are no Loss Adjustment or Claim Adjudication Fees.

With our In-house, Reinsurance Team, we can answer every question you may have regarding what reinsurance program is best suited for your Dealer client. CareGard® will also evaluate any non-CareGard® P.O.R.C. and can help direct those looking for new management or methods to sell their position.

From retros to offshore reinsurance formations, CareGard® has you covered.


CareGard®, in exclusive partnership with the AFG Training Academy, offers exciting and highly interactive training courses for every Dealership Employee. All courses are delivered in a facilitative style with a high degree of participant interaction conducted here at our state-of-the-art facility, in the field or via one of our Virtual Training Classes. Videos, Role Playing, Open Questioning and Final Exams are all part of the AFG Training Academy experience. If you are looking for “lecture hall” training sessions, the AFG Training Academy is NOT for you!


As a producing Agent, CareGard® provides the most advanced technology available today. It’s so good, we GUARANTEE our rates! No more missed surcharges or incorrect vehicle classes. Plus, you get PDF contracting with 1 button print technology, auto-created transmittals, cancellation quotes, contract look up feature, sales reports, maintenance claims processing with service writer rating and auto-created F&I logs. And there is so much more available: Integration, Web Service, eSign, eContract, eRemit and Menu.


Operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we maintain a 19 second average hold time with no outsourcing. In fact, it takes just seconds to reach an adjuster. Our claims adjusters are all ASE certified and most have their Master Tech Certification. All have worked as mechanics too. Service Writers love calling the same claims adjusters for all products. 

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