Dealer Solutions

Dealer Solutions

Products that Drive results

Today, more than ever, the overall performance of your F&I Department is critical to your dealership’s financial success. CareGard® Warranty can ensure that success by helping you sell more Vehicle Service Contracts and F&I products. With over a 26-year, proven track record in product development, claim adjudication, reinsurance and income development support & training, CareGard® Warranty knows what works best.


Years of Business.


We offer an extensive number of premier products that include CPO, RV, Powersports & Medium Duty.

Income Development

Successful dealers begin with better training and better processes.


We offer exciting and highly interactive training courses for every Dealership Employee.


We provide Dealers with the most advanced technology available today.

Dealer Solutions

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Highly-Rated Claims Service

ASE-certified claims team, 24/7/365 availability & 22 second average hold-time.

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