On the Road Again!

May 17, 2020 | News

CareGard has been fully operational since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdown to CareGard, which is in the category of essential businesses, was not being able to see our clients where they stand. That changed this week. We went to them! Although airports were deserted, we witnessed several road warriors out there. With our masks in hand, we visited several dealers and it was exactly what we needed! I was encouraged to see dealers selling and servicing their markets. In both stores, they were selling 87% of autos, 60-70% service sales year over year. Now that’s surviving! I’m very proud of these dealers. They are smart, and they know their markets and customers. Interesting, fact, less than 2% of dealers sales were customers that wanted to buy from home. Even though the dealer was prepared to deliver an at-home experience. As I said, auto dealers are resilient, and they know their markets. Keep in mind this state had lockdown protocols also, but both these dealers submitted to the local authorities’ request and were compliant. This country is opening up BIG. I am so proud of the American people. We are blessed to live in this amazing country. Feed hope and faith and starve the fear. We will survive and then thrive.