Appearance Protection


A car care system designed to help your vehicle retain its value and new car look for years to come.

PROTECTION PACKAGES – Combine Several Products & Lower Your Cost

Package One: Interior – Paint – Undercoat – Windshield – Rust

Package Two: Interior – Paint – Windshield – Rust

Package Three: Interior – Paint

Package Four: Interior – Paint – Windshield

Leather/Vinyl preserver provides an emulsion treatment designed to condition and protect the natural softness and beauty of leather and vinyl.

  • Creates a shield of protection
  • Waterproof barrier against food and drink stains
  • Maintain original lush texture and protect against premature aging

Polymer fabric protectant is formulated to protect the original beauty of your vehicle’s fabric and carpet. The specifically formulated polymer penetrates and coats each fiber with an invisible barrier of protection against water and oil based stains.

  • Protect against stains
  • Easy cleanup
  • Fade resistant

Rust-proofing compound is a gel blend of wax, rust-preventing sulphonate, resin and solvent. The term of the rust-proofing coverage is 10 years from the vehicle purchase date.

Sealant contains a unique molecular coupling agent that chemically bonds to the clear coat surface.

  • Eliminates the need for waxing
  • Filters out harmful UV rays
  • Protects paint from: acid rain, alkalines, bird droppings, fading, harsh detergents, industrial pollution, insects, salt and water spotting

Treatment contains a unique bonding agent that chemically bonds to the glass surface, fusing at the molecular level. The bonding process utilizes the latest in nano chemistry to strengthen and improve the qualities of the glass.

  • Covers repair of chips and cracks
  • Improve clarity – lower friction
  • Protect against acid rain and waterspots
  • Improve clarity – reduce night glare

This gel cures to form a solid, tackfree black film. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and sound deadening properties.

appearance warranty coverage for automotive


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