5 Social Media Strategies for Auto Dealerships

Dec 12, 2021

Social media strategies for auto dealerships

If you’re not on social media in 2021, does your business even exist?

Okay, this sounds a little extreme. But having a social media marketing strategy has become essential to making sales. Just take a look at these social media statistics: as of October 2021, there were 4.55 billion social media users.

That’s just over 57% of the global population. All businesses need to master social media to stay afloat, and that includes auto dealerships.

Running a successful car dealership isn’t just about great customer service. It’s also about marketing to an online audience using social media. Keep reading for five simple social media strategies for auto dealerships.

The Importance of Social Media 

Previously, consumers in the market for a new car would approach a dealership with fresh eyes and a lot of questions. Now, by the time car buyers even think about visiting a dealership, they’ve spent a good deal of time on the internet researching car models, features and prices. This makes your dealership’s online presence vital to a successful marketing strategy.

So where does social media fit in? Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are essential tools in your dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Whether your marketing goals are raising brand awareness, drawing customers to your website, or converting clicks into sales, there’s always a strategy to get you there.

1. Draw on Consumer Experience

Social media posts with a personal touch always gain traction. That’s why you need to use your existing consumer base to create content for every platform. Short videos with positive reviews from customers are a fun way to populate your social media feed.

You could also encourage customers to tag you in their Instagram and Facebook posts featuring their cars. Content creation doesn’t always have to fall on you – let your happy customers do the talking and you can do the sharing.

2. Video Content is King

Research shows that video is currently the most popular format for social media posts. Create short videos detailing the features of cars or use a car camera to record test drives. Short explainer videos on how to change a tire or other technical tips also offer your followers something extra and engaging.

Longer videos also make for excellent content. Hire a professional videographer to create a video looking back on a successful year of sales, or s documentary-style video that shows some behind-the-scenes actions. The more creative the better.

3. Develop a Strong Voice

Your “voice” refers to the style and tone of your social media posting. Do you want to come across as serious and informative? Are you looking to create more of an informal and light-hearted brand voice?

Figure out how your brand should speak to consumers and use this voice in all of your communications online – whether it’s replying to Facebook comments or sharing blog posts.

4. Consistency is Key

As long as your brand’s voice is consistent across social platforms and your content is engaging, your initial social strategy has a solid foundation. However, there’s one more rule to social success.

Make sure that you post consistently. This doesn’t mean you have to post every day, but at least a couple of times a week. A sure way for a social media strategy to fail is to let your page go dormant.

You should also check your social media accounts daily. This is so you don’t miss any important posts or comments from customers. Swift responses on social media accounts build trust in your brand and your business.

5. Use Data to Improve

Once you’ve put your social media strategy into practice, keep an eye on how your followers respond. Analyze which posts are getting the most likes, and keep track of the days where your web traffic spikes.

There’s even an option to get direct feedback from your followers using a polling function. So ask your audience what content they would like to see more of, and use the feedback to keep improving your strategy.

Driving Sales: Social Media for Auto Dealerships

Social media strategies are an integral part of digital media marketing today. As long as you’re posting quality content consistently, you should see some success.

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By: Keeton Storts, CEO of 516 Marketing Inc